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Change of Ownership
Harper Chalice now an Employee Owned Business

London Olympics Legacy

Harper Chalice now provide full integration with Datalog.
Harper Chalice announces full integration with Cortech developments Datalog 5

Caravan and leisure vehicle dealer
Caravan and leisure vehicle dealer chooses PulseSecure™

Abu Dhabi Military Base
Abu Dhabi military base chooses PulseSecure™

Distribution Centers protected by PulseSecure Electrified Fence System
UK's largest independent express delivery company selected PulseSecure to protect its newest depot.

FenceSecure Protects UK's Largest Solar Farm
Harper Chalice FenceSecure PID System selected to protect the Largest Solar Farm in the UK.

New 3 Year Warranty
Harper Chalice are now pleased to offer our customers a 3 year warranty on all parts and systems.

Cortech Datalog 5
Our specialist range of PIDs systems now with Cortech Datalog 5

Vince Cable Visits GJD at Intersec
At Intersec 2014 Dubai, Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills visit

Lord Green Visits Harper Chalice
One of the foremost figures in international trade visited Harper Chalice Group Limited in Coventry

Harper Chalice reveals it won a Golden contract at Olympics
Harper Chalice reveals it won a Golden contract at Olympics

PulseSecure electrified perimeter protects UK’s largest vehicle dismantling and salvage specialist
The UK’s largest vehicle dismantling and salvage company is using the latest PulseSecure systems

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Harper Chalice Group Limited

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of PulseSecure™ perimeter security systems and FenceSecure™ electric security fence system, specifically designed to meet growing demands for reliable perimeter protection of people, property and assets.

Our specialist electronic systems are designed for the protection of all types of perimeter applications including:

  • Enhanced high security systems
  • Commercial
  • Vehicle storage & logistics hubs
  • External storage compounds
  • Wall/roof topping systems
  • Stand alone applications
  • Wall & building structure attack detection
  • Building sites and scaffolding
  • Residential

electrified perimeter security systems

Our perimeter security systems

Our specialist systems are continually evaluated by the Home Office (in the UK) and other Government agencies and are approved for use on high risk and enhanced security sites.
Our products are Secured by Design "Police Preferred Specification" and can be found in government-approved security product catalogues.

Our product trade names include: PulseSecure™ power fence systems, PulseSecure™ PROTECTOR Enhanced high and low voltage monitoring systems and FenceSecure™/WallSecure™, piezoelectric acoustic cable detection systems.

As shown on this website our perimeter systems can be designed for all types of risks and boundaries. PulseSecure™ electric security fence and FenceSecure™ power fence systems have been designed and installed for all types of applications. Protected sites include high security enhanced sites, prisons, all types of industrial, commercial, external storage, garages, vehicle storage, utility sites and compounds, residential and all types of facility requiring proven, reliable electronic perimeter security systems.

We supply our specialist perimeter security systems via a worldwide network of Accredited Dealers who are fully trained and supported by us for the design, installation and maintenance of our systems.

The philosophy behind all of our systems and developments is to design and produce perimeter security systems that are better, quicker, neater, easier to install and more secure than competitors' electric security fence systems.